Private Handbag Shopping Parties
private shopping event

Anyone can host a Private Handbag Shopping Party. If you love handbags and have a group of friends and family, you can host a fun and exciting party at your home and receive financial rewards for your hospitality.

Why Host an Event?
Hosting a Private Handbag Shopping party is a great activity for many women, as they do not only get a chance to enjoy the company of family and friends but they also get access to exclusive "The Bag Shop" discounts and gifts. The private shopping party is open to anyone who wants to host a party. All you have to do is request one and one of our party consultants with reach out to you to help you set it up and book a date. You do not have to purchase any handbags upfront, all you need is to gather a guest list and ensure your guest show up. Our consultant with assist you to ensure you properly plan the details, have enough invitations and have the right handbags available for your guest.

Host your very own Private Handbag Shopping Party at the comforts of your own home and have lots of fun with family and friends trying and shopping various handbags. If you don't have time to host the party at your home, we can give you a Party Code which you can pass on to all your friends and family to shop online and get all of the financial benefits of hosting a party at home.

private shopping event
Handbag Shopping Party Commission Chart
** You can assume that most guest will spend an average of N12,000. All your guest will received a 5% off discount off their purchase.

** Your purchase as the hostess does not count towards the total.
Your Group Spends... (After 5% Party discount is deducted) You get...
N50,000 - N250,0007.5% of Sales
Over N250,00010% of Sales
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