Become a Supplier

sell on The Bag Shop's vision is to be the #1 source of leather handbags in Nigeria. We stock various handbags such as Tote Bags, Cutch Bags, Satchel Bags, Bucket Bags, etc.

As a handbag retailer, our preference is to work with handbag manufacturers and wholesalers who can assist with our aggressive growth plans. We offer Net30 payment options to all our Handbag suppliers. If you are ready to start using us as a retail channel, please complete the form below and one of our buyers will contact you directly.

Below are the steps on becoming a seller:
  • Complete the online preliminary form
  • If Approved, you will be invited to bring samples for QA/preliminary inspection.
  • If Approved, you can then supply us directly.

Payment Terms

We pay you completely for items supplied within 30 days of supply.

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