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Polo Ralph Lauren Cream Men Chinos Trouser
Available In: W32 L32 (8F4FCH22) , W34 L34 (4426CH23) , W34 L32 (7978CH24)
Timberland Golden Brown Fit Slim Men's Chinos-W38 L44
Available In: W38/L44 (D54CTR02)
Timberland Blue Fit Straight Men's Chinos -W36 L44
Available In: W36/L44 (AF66TR03)

Slimmy White Men Jeans-L 46/W 36
Available In: W36/L46 (C8A3JN14)
Armani Blue Men Jeans-L 43/W 34
Available In: W34/L43 (428EJN03)
Timberland Green Men Jeans-W 42, L 44 Inch
Available In: W42/L44 (4E18TR10)

Timberland Blue Cotton Men Trouser-W 38, L 45 Inch
Available In: W38/L45 (970CTR04) , W40/L45 (5499TR05)
M & S Gray Cotton Regular Fit Men Pant-W 38, L 43 Inch
Available In: W38/L43 (61B9TR16)

Banana Republic Gray Men Pant Trouser Sz W38/L32
Available In: W38/L32 (507CJN59)
M&S Autograph Indio Men's Formal Trouser Sz W30In/L35In
Available In: W30/L35 (TR4E6F20)
Request Jeans Grey Men Cargo Short Sz 40
Available In: Sz 40 (2C24JN47)

Armani Black Men Jeans-L 44/W 38
Available In: W32/L44 (785EJN06) , W38/L44 (06F9JN07)
North Coast Coffee Straight Cut Men Jeans W30/L33
Available In: W30/L33 (64D0JN72)
Timberland Grey Men Jeans Sz W32/L32
Available In: W32/L32 (7185JN57)

Timberland Navy Blue Men Chinos Trouser Sz W36/L34
Available In: W36/L34 (36E2JN54) , W38/L34 (D25CJN55)
Request Jeans Black Men Cargo Short Sz 40
Available In: Sz 40 (8806JN48)
Timberland Khaki Brown Straight Cut Men Chinos W36/L34
Available In: W36/L34 (0AA7JN78)

RED Black Men Chinos Trouser Sz W34/L42
Available In: W34/L42 (C2B4JN58)
M&S Collection Brown Straight Cut Men Corduroy
Available In: W30 L33 (5F28CH11)
M&S Collection Navy Blue Straight Cut Men Trouser
Available In: W32 L33 (1763CH15)

M&S Collection Grey Straight Cut Men Trouser
Available In: W32 L33 (158ACH14)
M&S Collection Charcal Mix Straight Cut Men Trouser
Available In: W32 L33 (7744CH19)
Marks & Spencer Brown Men''s Corduroy Trouser W32,L33
Available In: W32/L33 (7AC0TR48)

Timberland Red Men's  Trousers Wt Double Pocket - W-38/L-45
Available In: W38/L45 (9917TR40) , W38/L46 (41CATR02)
Timberland Yellow Men's Chinos Wt Double Pocket - W-34/L-44
Available In: W34/L43 (237BTR03) , W36/L44 (9A89TR50) , W34/L44 (860TR007)

M&S Blue Habour Raspberry Men's Chinos Trouser-W34, L44
Available In: W34/L43 (TRD9C620) , W34/L44 (CH865626) , W34/L45 (TRE37E21)
M & S Light Brown Men's Coudrouy Straight Trouser W32/L43
Available In: W32/L43 (TR1A9514)

Timberland Off White Cotton Men Trouser-W 42, L 45 Inch
Available In: W42/L45 (312BTR06)
Armani Deep Green Men Jeans-L 44/W 34
Available In: W34/L44 (7CCBJN02)


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