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Clutch Purses
Explore our wide range of fashionable CEO Style clutch purses. Impressive.
Leather Man Bags
Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Briefcases n more Fashionable Modern man bags.
Crossbody Handbags
Unique crossbody bags that keep you apart from the crowd.
Men Leather Watches
Affordable and top quality water resistant men leather watches.
Men Shoes
Limited selection of top quality UK men shoes at good prices.
Ladies Watches
Fashionable & Premium CEO Style Ladies Watches.
Leather Men Belts
When quality is not an option. 100% Leather Belts that Last a lifetime.
Lend Charm and Personality to your looks with one of these sunglasses.
Swarovski Jewelry
Swarovski element necklaces that definitely shows your style and class.
Handbags under 20K
Newly arrived leather handbags under 20K. Amazing deals. Limited stock.
Need Space
Need a handbag with so much space?
Give the Teenagers in the house an essence of excitement with our backpacks
Flat Clutch Purses
Flat purses that transform your looks for any outing.
Ladies Wallets
Wide variety on fashionable ladies wallets for keeping yourself organized.
World Class Luggage
World class traveler, World class Suitcases & Travel Bags at value prices.
The Bag Shop is a preferred destination for beautifully crafted fashion accessories such as handbags, briefcases, luggage, sunglasses and wrist watches. We focus on inspirational products that have a close quality to the luxury western brands you are used to, without the high prices associated with such quality in Europe and America. If you appreciate beautifully crafted products, then we have handbags, briefcases, clutch purses, wallets, sunglasses, wrist watches and more products you'd absolutely love.

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